Zombie Shooter 2

Kill hundreds of zombies to save the city



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Imagine you arrive in a new city on holidays to visit your beloved friend and when you arrive you find a devastated place full of zombies trying to kill you. That's how you will start playing Zombie Shooter 2.

Choose the character you want to play among the 6 available, then choose your skills and while you play, buy and power up your weapons. You'l have omore than 60 different and powerful weapons to buy. Bullets, action and blood are sure, you'll realize it since the first two seconds you play the game.

The graphic level is very good and the sound of the game will immerse you in a bloody and creepy city. The skills and weapons of the character depends on the character you have chosen. By this way you can decide if you'll be good at running, fighting, shooting or any other skill.

You'll face huge crowds of enemies, in fact you can find even more than 100 zombies on scenario at a time. Upgrade the main character's parameters as long as you go through the levels, drive vehicles to pass over enemies, use amazing weapons,...

All those zombies don't want to let you alone and ammo and gunpowder are the only voices they'll listen to, so reload your weapon and start the massacre.

Demo version includes the first level of each game mode.

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